Beer Review Rating System

It has been a good few years since I drank beer with any degree of regularity and so I am completely out of touch with what is available. When lockdown began in the UK I decided to sample the beers available from my local supermarkets. I’ll be concentrating on IPAs as these are what I have found myself drinking in recent years, mainly Brewdog’s Punk IPA and a range of since forgotten others drunk while at boardgame conventions. The rating scale I’ll be using for rating beer is derived from the board game rating scale over at boardgamegeek.

  1. Outstanding – will always enjoy drinking and expect this will never change
  2. Excellent – always enjoy drinking it
  3. Very good – enjoy drinking and would suggest it
  4. Good – usually willing to drink
  5. Ok – will drink if in the mood
  6. Average – take it or leave it
  7. Not so good – maybe would drink this again if desperate
  8. Bad – probably won’t drink this again
  9. Very bad – won’t drink ever again
  10. Awful – undrinkable